Do you want to partner with the Dance House Helsinki? Application cycle open!

Dance House Helsinki Partner Application Cycle open from 10 to 31 January 2017.

Will your event be included in the programme of the Dance House Helsinki? Do you want to be involved in the development of Dance House Helsinki’s services?

Are you an organiser of dance performances, events, festivals, contests, courses? Are you full of ideas for contents and looking for a partner?

The Dance House Helsinki facilities that will be set up in Helsinki’s Ruoholahti district, in the Cable Factory complex, will open in the autumn of 2020. There are two performance venues at the Dance House Helsinki (Big stage with 700 seats, small stage with 250 seats) and an Event Square that connects the two. The complex also features a restaurant. The facilities are adaptable (e.g. adaptable auditorium structures), compatibility and convenient logistics have been taken into account in the design. The purpose is to enable the many forms of dance, and to offer a platform for new ideas and collaboration. 

The negotiations for the partnerships in the leases of the complex, to take place annually, will begin in 2017. In the process, we will determine the processes and guidelines for the leasing procedure and co-productions. Some of the details that will be outlined will include lease terms, price categories, terms and conditions regarding cancellations, technical support and marketing and ticket sales practices. Please fill the application form from here and select english. 

We will contact all respondents. If you are unsure if your activities could take place at the Dance House Helsinki, but have an idea for development, please contact us! In addition to creating the annual programme, we will invite entries to take part in the many committees: for customisation of partnership models, development of programme services as a part of the restaurant services, brainstorming for new ideas or development for services for dance professionals.

Our goal will be to put together a programme that will appeal to different types of audiences and service and facilities solutions that will support all parties engaged in the dance profession. Please join us! 


More information
Kaari Martin, Programme Manager
+358 (0)40 1976116

Emilia Hänninen, Producer
+358 (0)40 5724048

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