Dance House Helsinki is a worldwide unique concept that combines new and old architecture in Cable Factory Helsinki. The space, full of vibrant, active and international dance culture, will open its doors in 2020.

Cheerful and happy

The core of Dance House Helsinki is based on versatility, which is seen in its actions and content.


The activities of Dance House Helsinki are about learning and constantly searching for and finding new things.


The success of the Finnish dance field requires collaboration. Dance House Helsinki wants to develop and take forward the culture of doing things together.

Towards future

Dance House Helsinki aims to cherish Finnish dance culture and take it towards new forms and audiences.

Project schedule

  1. Planning

    Planning begins

    The main target for 2016 is to finish the master plan of Dance House Helsinki’s building project.

  2. Implementation design

    Implementation design begins. Organization chart and job descriptions to be specified. Services and agreement conventions to be refined.

  3. Building

    Building begins. Director and core team to be recruited.

  4. Preparing the repertoire

    Preparation of the first season’s repertoire and continuing recruitment.

  5. Doors open

    Dance House Helsinki will open its doors in the autumn.



Dance House Helsinki is searching for a Director - Recruitment is open until 4 March

Dance House Helsinki, opening in Ruoholahti in 2020, is searching for a Director.

The tasks of the Director of Dance House are, among others things, to create the optimal operating conditions for the house, increase the visibility of dance art and to build strong relationships with cooperation partners and social operators and decision-makers.


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Finland’s first Dancehouse will be opened in Helsinki


Target of visitors a year

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