Building project 25.09.2019

Dance House Helsinki rehearsal studio opens its doors

© JKMM Architects and Dance House Helsinki

© JKMM Architects and Dance House Helsinki

The new rehearsal studio of Dance House Helsinki is available for rehearsing dance pieces and performances, organising dance workshops and for dance school use starting in November 2019.

“Finishing the rehearsal studio before the other Dance House Helsinki premises is a great opportunity for us to start our activities. We will receive valuable information about our policies and about the needs of different users that we can use to improve our processes before opening completely. The rehearsal studio will also help with an acute need for space and we are glad to offer good surroundings for producing dance experiences,” says Matti Numminen, Director of Dance House Helsinki.

Dance House Helsinki’s rehearsal studio is located in the current premises of Cable Factory. Access to the studio is through Cable Factory staircase A. The studio is 12 x 14 metres in area and about 2.5 metres high. The studio is equipped with mirrors, ballet barres, a curtain system, a sound system, a small lighting system and it offers a projection possibility. The space is accessible and has toilets, showers, dressing rooms and a green room to use.

The space can be rented for rehearsing dance pieces and performances or for dance workshop and dance school use. The pricing of the studio is based on their intended use: the hourly fee is EUR 15 for rehearsing dance pieces and EUR 40 for dance school, dance workshop and performance activities. Currently valid VAT rate is added to the prices.

Explore the spaces at the Dance House Helsinki website.

Additional information and reservations:
Mirva Tamppinen
+358 (0)41 536 8034

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