Dance House Helsinki is looking for a new kind of artistic programme team

Programme planning recruitment will be reopened—instead of one person, Dance House Helsinki is looking for a team responsible for programme planning.

In the summer 2018, Dance House started the recruitment process for a Programme Manager who would be responsible for programme planning. The search proceeded to interviews this autumn. The position interested both domestic and international applicants.

“Many good candidates applied for the Programme Manager position. However, based on the discussions and interviews, we realised that we had the chance for a new kind of thinking and a team-based operational model. That’s why we are now expanding the programme planning recruitment and, instead of one person, we are looking for an artistic team,” says Matti Numminen, Director of Dance House.

“Team-based operations are characteristic for Dance House and guarantee polyphonic and professional programme planning. Dance House will be a house for every kind of dance, so diversity is at the very core of our operations.”

The application period for the artistic team vacancies will start on 19 November when more details will be published.

The team will have approximately three experts, and it is possible to apply as an independent expert or to suggest work partners or teams.

“The essential thing is to highlight how your expertise corresponds to the team’s areas of responsibility and tasks as well as what kind of added value your expertise can bring to the Dance House Helsinki.”

Additional information:

Director Matti Numminen
+358 (0)50 467 0276

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