Dance House Helsinki is looking for a Programming Team!

A vibrant, varied and high-quality programme that appeals to new audiences is at the heart of Dance House Helsinki. We are now looking for a new team to plan and produce our programme. You can apply as an individual professional, a working pair or as a ready built team.

– Dance House Helsinki aspires to be internationally unique, network-oriented cultural organisation. We expect that the new Programming Team members understand this network mentality, and it is also important that they show a passion and a willingness to further develop the Dance House Helsinki programme and activities together with our partners,” Dance House Helsinki Director Matti Numminen says.

For the team to be successful, its members must have good knowledge about Finnish and international dance art, experience about programming, solid production know-how and an understanding of the technical aspects of the Dance House Helsinki productions and audience development and engagement.

– An individual expert does not need to have all these expertise areas covered, while the team members’ abilities complement each other. However, it is certainly beneficial if an individual candidate has an understanding about all these areas, Numminen says.

The programme team will be responsible for planning and production of the programme together with Dance House’s partners. The team will also take part in the strategic and business planning of the Dance House. The team reports directly to the Director, who makes final decisions on programme content.

– In terms of its programme, Dance House emphasises three perspectives: seeing, learning and experiencing. Understanding these is crucial for the Programming Team, Numminen says. Seeing refers to high-quality artistic content, learning to the development of dance culture and expertise, and experiencing to audience engagement activities.

A maximum of three full-time professionals will be assigned to the Programming Team. Working part-time is also negotiable. You can apply as an individual professional, a working pair or as a ready built team. Dance House also reserves the right to select individual professionals from existing teams applying for the Programming Team.

Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for passionate performing arts professionals

– Being able to participate in the building of an entirely new and novel cultural organisation is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It will surely be rewarding for passionate performing arts professionals to bring forth their ideas, and what an environment does the Dance House Helsinki offer for this! Numminen enthuses.

Dance House Helsinki will be opened in autumn 2021, and it is envisioned that the new Programming Team will begin its work in April 2019. Dance House will have two stages, with 700 and 250 seats, around 15 permanent employees and an annual budget of EUR 3.1 million, which is expected to increase over the coming years.

Would you like to participate in building a programme for a cultural organisation of the future? Apply for the Programming Team by 16 December 2018 on the Mercuri Urval website (reference number FI-13426). Please attach to your application your CV, salary request and details of when you would be able to start in the new position.

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