News 14.10.2019

Introducing the programme team of Dance House Helsinki: Mikael Aaltonen

Mikael Aaltonen (Master of Arts, Dance), who started as the Programme Manager of Dance House Helsinki in September, develops guidelines for the programme of Dance House Helsinki together with the rest of the team. “I believe that the programme at Dance House Helsinki will provide an inviting, surprising, profound and broad vision of dance as the principal physical form of expression of our culture,” says Aaltonen, explaining his vision.

Aaltonen has worked in dance and the wider field of performing arts for years as a performer, producer, curator and expert. He is known, for example, as the Artistic Director of the Moving in November contemporary dance festival and the Artistic Director and Producer of the Kiasma URB Urban art festival.

“My strength is my diverse background. I’m curious about new phenomena and forms of activity, but, at the same time, I recognise in myself a need to consider matters over a longer timescale,” says Aaltonen, summing up his competence.

At Dance House Helsinki, Aaltonen and the rest of the team develop guidelines for the venue’s upcoming programme. The work involves, for example, defining the priorities and frameworks for the programme content as well as scheduling the programme and other activities. Moreover, Aaltonen is responsible for collaboration negotiations with Finnish partners and for analysing the current and future operating environment.

According to Aaltonen, it is a unique opportunity to be a part of a historic and innovative project such as Dance House Helsinki:

“I have followed the progress of this project for a long time and understood how exceptionally significant it is to the future of dance in our country. I believe I have something to offer when it comes to the conceptual and operational development of the project.”

Aaltonen says that he constantly follows dance in Finland and internationally. Besides dance productions, he also has a wider interest in events relating to different dance cultures. In recent years, his own relationship with dance and embodiment has centered around teaching.

In addition to Aaltonen, the programme team of Dance House Helsinki includes Faith Tan (Head of Programme Development), who will commence work in November, and Pia Krämer (Senior Advisor), who started her work in September. You will also get to know them during the autumn on Dance House Helsinki’s website.

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