News 01.11.2019

Introducing the programme team of Dance House Helsinki: Pia Krämer

© Tiago Coelho

© Tiago Coelho

Pia Krämer (Master of Arts, Dance & Psychology) started her work as Senior Advisor at Dance House Helsinki in September. She has a good idea where the house is heading from her previous experience in building dance houses around Europe. According to Krämer, dance has a special meaning in the current times: “Climate change and the rise of political extremism have increased uncertainty in the world. It feels important to promote dance right now – this means we are also able to promote social connections and solidarity through the means of art.”

Krämer is well acquainted with the field of dance in Europe: she is a member of the board of the European Dancehouse Network (EDN), an umbrella association for European dance houses. She has also participated in building dance houses in Portugal and Germany. She has worked in the field as a choreographer, producer, teacher and programme planner.

“I am at my best as a networker, identifying opportunities for collaborations and scouting talented professionals in the field of arts and academics. My strengths include sharing insight, critical thinking and tackling different future challenges,” Krämer says.

At Dance House Helsinki, Krämer focuses on strengthening the house’s relationships with operators and co-operation projects in the European field of dance. “I am working to make Dance House Helsinki internationally better known in the field of professional dance,” Krämer summarises. In practice, she establishes contacts with agencies and artists and finds opportunities for international projects and collaborations.

Krämer believes that the programme team will create a programme for Dance House Helsinki that is exciting from many different perspectives:

“It is essential to find a balance between local, national and international performances. The programme should be meaningful and critical, and it should present works and artists that haven’t been seen in Finland, but are significant for the development of the art form.”

According to Krämer, who has studied a diverse mix of different dance styles and psychology, dance offers an inspiring combination of music, movement, visual arts and spirituality. "I feel thrilled when dance is so abstract that it is hard to put it into words. And rather, it can be experienced as changes or feelings. Dance is a very powerful way of communication, even if it is done in a delicate and subtle way.”

In addition to Krämer, the programme team of Dance House Helsinki includes Faith Tan (Head of Programme Development), who will commence work in November, and Mikael Aaltonen (Programme Manager), who started in September. Read Mikael’s interview here. You will also get to know Faith during the autumn on Dance House Helsinki’s website.

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