News 03.05.2019

Mirva Tamppinen is the new Office & Experience Manager of Dance House Helsinki

The Dance House Helsinki organisation is growing. Mirva Tamppinen (Bachelor of Business Administration; MTi, Communications), who knows how an efficient office environment is run, is the new Office & Experience Manager of Dance House Helsinki.

Tamppinen has nearly 20 years of experience in running the administration of organisations as well as planning and organizing business events and exhibitions. Her past experience includes positions at Tekes (currently known as Business Finland), a business management consulting company and the Finnish Fair Corporation. The culture and dance field is new territory for Tamppinen, who has mainly worked in the field of technology development. However, she is familiar with dancing as a hobby.

– I am a solution-oriented and systematic organiser who is focused on development and ready to take charge of major projects. I am able to see through multiple duties and I will make sure that things get done properly,” says Tamppinen.

Tamppinen’s tasks include running and developing the daily operations of Dance House Helsinki office as well as duties related to event production.

Dance House Helsinki organisation and its internal processes are currently under development, so Tamppinen’s input is invaluable right now. She has a firm understanding of IT software procurement processes, development of organisational roles, organisational quality assurance and the commercialisation of services. This know-how is also needed at Dance House Helsinki.

Tamppinen is excited about her future at Dance House Helsinki:

– It is great to be able to apply my expertise in the field of culture and dance and to develop Dance House Helsinki in order to spread the joy of dance for even wider audiences.

Tamppinen, who takes jazz dance lessons in her free time, thinks dancing is an excellent form of exercise that can bring joy and happiness to anyone. Dancing has been proven to be extremely stimulating to the brain as well, Tamppinen says with a delighted smile.

Tamppinen has started in her new position on 23 April 2019.

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