News 22.05.2019

New board chosen for Dance House Helsinki

The statutory annual meeting of Tanssin talo ry has chosen a new board for the association. Elli Mäkilä becomes the chairperson of the board, and Sanna Rekola and Satu Silvanto stay on as members of the board. Eeva Muilu, Leena Liusvaara, Jani Toivola, Maria Carlsson and Hanna Rosendahl were chosen as new members of the board.

“Dance House Helsinki is now clearly moving on from the project stage to more operational activity, and to support this shift we have recruited competent management and programme teams. From the point of view of the board, this means that its work becomes more strategic, and our new board members bring first-rate expertise to support the launch of our operational activities. Everybody has pulled together and worked extremely hard to make this project happen. It is precisely thanks to this collective determination and its achievements that I can begin as chairperson of the board on a firm footing. As chairperson, my main job is to ensure that the board has the best possible working environment, and as a board we must help the Dance House Helsinki management team succeed as well as possible in their area of responsibility“, the new chairperson of the board Elli Mäkilä explains.

The annual meeting sent a warm thanks to Hanna-Mari Peltomäki, who led the House at the project stage, as well as to the previous board. As a result of their work, Finland will soon have a stage completely dedicated to dance. As Sanna Rekola, who acted as chairperson of the board for almost ten years, summarises: “Now the work is becoming more concrete, the visions are slowly becoming reality. There is plenty of work and challenges in store for the years to come, and the excitement is rising.”

Dance House Helsinki Board 2019-2020

Elli Mäkilä has over 20 years of experience in media and marketing, with a specialisation in process and sales management and commercial concept development. She is the CEO of the marketing communications agency Storybound Oy, and also works as the chair of the content marketing committee of IAB Finland. Seven years ago, Elli offered her skills pro bono for Dance House Helsinki, and at the time she also joined as an individual member. Through this collaboration, Elli later ended up on the board, where she acted as the vice chairperson for three years before becoming the chairperson.

Sanna Rekola has been involved in the Dance House Helsinki association and board from the very beginning. She acted as chairperson in the years 2011–2019. Sanna has over 30 years of experience in the arts and culture sector, especially in management, administrative, production, communication and promotion roles in the performing arts. For the past 10+ years, Sanna has worked as the Executive Director of Dance Info Finland.

Satu Silvanto has been involved in the Dance House Helsinki project from the year 2012, first through the City of Helsinki, then as a staff member of the House, and in her latest role as a member of the board. Satu works as a work coach and an organisation development coach.

The internationally successful choreographer and dancer Eeva Muilu is Professor of Dance Performance at the Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki.

Leena Liusvaara is the President of the Finnish Dance Sport Federation as well as a Managing Committee member of DanceSport Europe and a Presidium member of the World DanceSport Federation. Leena is the principal of Ressu Comprehensive School and CEO of the legal and educational service agency Lawpoint Ay.

The actor Jani Toivola was a Green MP in the years 2011-2019. He has been a member of the Legal Affairs Committee, the Employment and Equality Committee, the Defence Committee and the Education and Culture Committee. During his career as an MP, Jani was also the second vice president of the parliamentary group.

Maria Carlsson has experience in strategy work management and business law. She is a partner at Bird & Bird law firm. 

Hanna Rosendahl is the Executive Director of the Tampere Theatre Festival. She has worked as the Executive Director of Dance Theatre Mobita/Dansco in the years 2000-2007, and has launched, for example, the Tampere Dance Current festival. She was also a board member of the Tampere Theatre Festival 2004-2006.


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