News 13.05.2019

What's going on


May is off to an eventful start thanks to business trips. Dance House Helsinki is going to play an international role, and it’s been a pleasure to see that people in the European field of dance are also eagerly awaiting us.

Internationality is also reflected in our programme team, which will begin its operations gradually in the fall. Two of the three members of the team are international employees, and the Finnish member of the team has strong international connections. I personally believe that the team will come up with new ways of thinking and create approaches that have not necessarily been attempted in Finland before.

Office and Experience Manager Mirva has also joined our office. She often serves as the first point of contact to Dance House Helsinki and is taking various measures to make sure that working and dealing with us is easy. Mirva will also be responsible for producing our events in the future.

Our new board begins its term after the annual meeting at the end of May. Their first task will be processing our draft strategy. The finished strategy prepared on the basis of the draft will determine the House’s future activities and support our transition from project work to proper operations. We will report on the confirmed construction schedule as soon as we know it.

Over the course of spring we met up with numerous officials and politicians over the state funding of Dance House Helsinki. The message of the meetings is clear: Dance House Helsinki is seen as an important investment, and people want our operations to be successful and of high quality. I believe we’ll be able to determine a funding model and secure sufficient funding together with the ministers and decision-makers in the upcoming government term.

As I’m writing this, I am in Vilnius visiting Baltic Dance Platform. Soon, it’s time to leave my hotel room for the streets of Vilnius Old Town. I still have five presentations and short introductions for sixteen presentations ahead of me. All of this within two days, wonderful!

Matti Numminen
Director at Dance House Helsinki

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