Annantalo collaboration 19.09.2019

Dance House Helsinki and the Annantalo Arts Centre present Matsalen (Canteen) free performance and workshop for families

Björn Säfsten: Matsalen. © Håkan Larsson.

Björn Säfsten: Matsalen. © Håkan Larsson.

Dance House Helsinki and the Annantalo Arts Centre present, free of charge, Matsalen (Canteen) dance performance and related workshop on Thursday 31 October 2019 at 6 pm at the Annantalo Arts Centre. The Matsalen performance by Swedish choreographer Björn Säfsten explores through participation the habits and behaviour patterns that relate to eating. The performance is best suited for children and young people who are over 8 years of age.

There are many habits and behaviour patterns that relate to eating. In the participatory dance performance The Matsalen, the audience and the dancers create new rules in the space. Everyday actions, such as moving a salt shaker, a plate or, perhaps, a chair, are explored with the help of your body and video projections. At the same time, social issues regarding eating, such as food in the future and ethical eating, are contemplated.

The performance also toys with the relationship between the audience and the performer: There are no seats in The Matsalen, but rather the audience moves around the space during the performance. For disabled persons, there are alternative ways of participating in the performance.

The performance lasts for about 40 minutes. In the workshop that follows, thoughts and images raised by the performance are contemplated while moving. The workshop is run by choreographer Björn Säfsten and the artistic director of Regionteater Väst Monika Milocco.

The performance itself is “languageless”, and the workshop can be organised in Swedish or English according to the audience’s wishes – all spoken language is interpreted simultaneously.

The performance and the workshop are a part of the Nordic-Baltic Body Curiosity project which examines children’s viewer experiences in a participatory dance performance. With the project’s support, The Matsalen performance and the related workshops tour Copenhagen, Helsinki, Klaipėda and Stockholm at the end of 2019.

Dance House Helsinki and the Annantalo arts centre have worked together in diverse artist-in-residence collaborations since 2014.

Sign up for The Matsalen performance and workshop on Annantalo’s website.

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