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Dance House Helsinki calls for dance professionals based in Finland to apply for an uplifting development programme. SPARKS enables six new productions which will be seen on stage at Dance House Helsinki in 2022–2023. 

SPARKS – resources for an entire creation process

The SPARKS programme is a new artistic development project funded by Finnish Culture Foundation and Dance House Helsinki to support artists in Finland who desire to create new large scale works. Acknowledging the present conditions that artists are operating in locally, the project framework responds by providing key resources for dancemakers to support the entire creation process; from research to residency to production. This includes fees for a working group, adequate residency time in a rehearsal studio and theatre, and access to consult leading dramaturgs, producers, and choreographers throughout the process. 


The first open call for SPARKS submissions is now closed. We received almost 40 applications to our largest stage, Erkko Hall. We appreciate the hard work done already and the wide range of artistic approaches created so far. Thank you!

Our programme team is now carefully going through every application and will respond to all applicants by 15 May 2020. The selected participants will then continue to the Research phase, where we work together and develop the ideas further for large scale productions.

We well keep you posted about the SPARKS journey from the ideas to the premieres at Dance House Helsinki 2022–2023. 

The SPARKS project for Erkko Hall aims to support experienced dancemakers who have a strong and recognised artistic practice. Finnish artists and artists based in Finland who are interested in creating a full length work for the large stage of the new Erkko Hall (venue seats up to 700 seats) were invited to apply for this programme which consists of 3 phases in a creation process: Research, Residency and Production. We welcome proposals coming from all dance practices and traditions with rigourous and contemporary approaches to performance. 

Journey  to the premiere

For proposals for the Erkko Hall, SPARKS will support a 2 week research process (which includes a 4 day seminar) for 7-9 proposals, after which 5 projects will be selected for a 3 week residency,  where 3 projects will then be selected to be funded for a 3 month creation process leading to the premiere. Salaries and a production budget will be provided.


Apply for Pannuhalli Stage:
Application time: Starts from Nov 2020

Programme for the new generation dance makers

The SPARKS project for the Pannuhalli stage aims to support a new generation of dancemakers in Finland. Finnish dance artists or artists based in Finland who have a maximum of up to 6 years of presenting full length choreographic work publically and are under 40 years, who are interested in creating a full length work for the Pannuhalli (venue seats up to 250 seats) are invited to apply for this programme. We welcome proposals coming from all dance practices and traditions with rigourous and contemporary approaches to performance.

Premiere at newly renovated Pannuhalli 

The process begins with a 1-day Seminar and workshop by an international guest practitioner on a topic related to younger artists creating dance productions. Subsequently artists are invited to submit their proposals in an open call process, and three proposals will be selected to receive 2 months in a rehearsal studio and 1.5 weeks in the Pannuhalli Stage leading up to the premiere of the production after the house opens. Salaries and a production budget will be provided. The scheduled premieres will take place between 2022 and 2023. 







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