Tanssin talo 2022

For years, there was just a dream of a space where something fragile and momentary can live and flourish: a space dedicated to dance. The dream of a dance house lived strong and was shaped by many hands over the decades. In 2019, it started to take concrete form. The house will finally open in 2022. 

Tanssin talo will be the first large-scale dance house in Finland. It welcomes people to connect with each other and the world around them. Anchored by two main stages, the house creates sites of relations where people, bodies and creativity come into proximity in the specificity of a time and place. 

Each visit to Tanssin talo creates an individual experience we want to embrace. We encourage people to form their own relationship to dance. May it be joyful, reflecting or something else, we celebrate all experiences of dance and choreography created at Tanssin talo.



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