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Dance House Helsinki is now Form

Form is the new name for Dance House Helsinki. The name describes the momentary, changing forms of dance art and the new opportunities that the largest space dedicated to dance offers to the actors in the field.

Form is a long-awaited resource in the dance field, and its permanent form can now be seen in not only the building under construction but also our name”, says Matti Numminen, Director of Form.

Dance holds a different meaning for everyone

Form invites experienced audiences as well as those who are not yet so familiar with dance as a performing art to enjoy dance. The programme provides a range of accessibility points for new to experienced audiences of dance. The pieces will provide opportunities to enjoy the pure joy of dance, but also for social reflection. Children will also be taken into account when planning the programme. “At Form, everyone gets to experience dance in their own way. Form is a place to where you can come just as you are and broaden your view of the world through dance”, says Matti Numminen.

Form’s aim is to increase the understanding and appreciation of dance. Through that, the status of dance in Finland can be strengthened. It is a significant aim for dance professionals also, and to them Form offers a large-scale professional space and infrastructure for realising performances. In addition, Form has a significant role in developing partnership and cooperation models and networks both nationally and internationally.

In addition to the Erkko Hall and Pannuhalli Stage, Form’s facilities also include a restaurant and Event Square which serves as a lobby and venue. Form opens to the public early in 2022.

Dance House Helsinki is now Form 

As verb name describes the formation of experiences and their unifying effect. The name brings together artists who create momentary and disappearing forms with their works. These encounters create experiences in the house.

Form is a long-awaited resource in the dance industry in Finland that presents something permanent, that is reflected in the name and in building itself. The house creates a distinct form in its architecture. 

Form alludes to the foreseeable transformation of the dance field, as well as the new opportunities that Finland's largest stage dedicated to dance art offers to the professionals in the field.

First partners announced

At Form, dance can be enjoyed in all its diversity throughout the year. Both Finnish and international pieces will be seen on the stages of the 700-seat Erkko Hall and 250-seat Pannuhalli Stage. “At Form, we will present premieres as well as established guest performances. The programme is being planned in co-operation with our partners”, says Mikael Aaltonen, Form’s Programme Manager. Form’s first House Partners that were announced are Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth, Zodiak – Center for New Dance and the Tero Saarinen Company.

The partners we now announced are important actors in the Finnish dance field. In the future, the amount of House Partners will grow. We are constantly developing our partnership models to meet our and our partners’ needs, but most importantly, the needs of our audiences’”, Aaltonen says.

Our House Partners can be, for example, established dance companies and theatres as well as festivals and production houses that bring ready works to the house. The performances should be of a high quality, socially current and interest a wide audience. Form’s facilities can also be rented for private dance productions and commercial events.

Additional information:

Matti Numminen, Director
tel: +358 50 4670 276
e-mail: matti@formhelsinki.fi

Requests for interviews:
Henry Ahlavuo, Marketing Manager
tel: +358 40 1909 325
e-mail: henry@formhelsinki.fi

Helsinki Dance House Association makes the diversity of dance visible and strengthens the status of dance in Finland and internationally. The association is responsible for Form’s operations. Form will be a performance and event venue intended for quality dance productions. It is the first large-scale space dedicated to dance in Finland. Form opens to the public in 2022.

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